The restaurant "Mederrano"

schutzengel_webThe basement served until 1943 the house "Groenenberg", on St Martin 1, as a wine depot and warehouse. Here it was by the narrowness of the road and the Lichhof higher, even in summer, always beautiful cool.

The house was already a Groenberg 1266th
1750 was the Italian merchant, Antonio Francesco Cassinone the old house demolished and replaced by a new one. This lasted until circa 1850 in possession of the family.

Towards 1870 was in his wine shop Engels.
Before 1910 there was a restaurant with a separate wine shop housed, whose owner was Martin Schönau.

1939 took the brothers Peter and Henry Bonrath the Local and transferred the name of their house wine "Denant = Diamond" to there.
Her house, on St. Martin 12, needed to move because of the planned West-east axis through Cologne.
In 1942 Ewald Mataré received the order to redisign the "Madonna ofprotection" at the external façade of the house wine Denant (now "Mederrano") in the Plectrudengasse.

Ewald Mataré and  Josef Haubrich belong to the scene around the house wine Denant and shapes the cultural landscape of Cologne sustainable.
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